There'll Never Be Another

Graeme Garden presents a five-part series celebrating the careers of some of Britain's best-known and most-loved comedians.


0101Max Miller2000072520040321 (BBC7)
20040322 (BBC7)
20050213 (BBC7)
20050214 (BBC7)
20051106 (BBC7)
20051107 (BBC7)
20061008 (BBC7)
20061009 (BBC7)

A celebration of Max Miller, recalling his bawdiness, outrageous jokes and off-stage antics with the help of Harry Hill, Josie Lawrence, George Melly and Roy Hudd.

0102Frankie Howerd2000080120040328 (BBC7)
20040329 (BBC7)
20050220 (BBC7)
20050221 (BBC7)
20051113 BT=1102 (BBC7)
20051113 (BBC7)
20051114 (BBC7)
20061015 (BBC7)
20061016 (BBC7)

Graeme Garden and other comedy stars pay tribute to Frankie Howerd and reveal what made him such a gifted comedian.

This programme examines Frankie Howerd's unique style and delivery, including archive material and interviews with Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, Eric Sykes, Barry Cryer and Beryl Vertue.

0103Benny Hill2000080820040404 (BBC7)
20040405 (BBC7)
20050227 (BBC7)
20050228 (BBC7)
20051120 (BBC7)
20051121 (BBC7)
20061022 (BBC7)
20061023 (BBC7)
20081116 (BBC7)
20081117 (BBC7)

Graeme Garden hosts a tribute to the man behind Ernie, who rode the fastest milk float in the west.

This programme charts the career of the inimitable Benny Hill, one of the most notorious and popular of British comedians.

With contributions from Dennis Kirkland, Nicholas Parsons and Ben Elton.

Graeme Garden recalls the saucy comedian, whose slapstick style spelt worldwide fame.

With Nicholas Parsons and Bella Emberg.

0104Morecambe And Wise2000081520040411 (BBC7)
20040412 (BBC7)
20050306 (BBC7)
20050307 (BBC7)
20051127 (BBC7)
20051128 (BBC7)
20061029 (BBC7)
20061030 (BBC7)
20081123 (BBC7)
20081124 (BBC7)

A celebration of the comedy duo's funniest sketches and shows.

With contributions from Angela Rippon, Barry Norman, Penelope Keith, Ann Hamilton, Ben Elton, Lenny Henry, Vic Reeves, Harry Hill and Josie Lawrence.

Graeme Garden and fellow comedians celebrate the work of Morecambe and Wise.

Graeme Garden celebrates the comic duo's golden career, with help from Angela Rippon.

Graeme Garden celebrates the comic duo's golden career, with help from Angela Rippon, Barry Norman and Penelope Keith.

0105 LASTLes Dawson2000082220040418 (BBC7)
20040419 (BBC7)
20050313 (BBC7)
20050314 (BBC7)
20051204 (BBC7)
20051205 (BBC7)
20061105 (BBC7)
20061106 (BBC7)
20081130 (BBC7)
20081201 (BBC7)

Graeme Garden celebrates the life of a comic whose career began playing the piano in a brothel.

This programme pays homage to the inimitable talent of the man who was just as uniquely funny offstage as he was on.

With contributions from Jo Brand, Roy Barraclough, Julian Clary, Barry Cryer and Lenny Henry.