Musical instrument inventor Leon Theremin leads a double life as a Soviet spy.

Spy thriller by Melissa Murray, based on real events.

Leon Theremin, inventor of the musical instrument that bears his name, leads a double life as a Soviet spy.

When he plants a bug in the US Embassay in London, he has to save himself and his former lover from both the CIA and the KGB.

20140103 (R4+)
20140104 (R4+)

After bugging the US Embassy, inventor Leon Theremin must avoid both the CIA and the KGB.
Theremin by Melissa Murray
Leon Theremin, gifted inventor and reluctant spy, is forced to find a way to bug the US Embassy in London. Now he has to save himself and his former lover from both the CIA and the KGB.
Theremin: Tom Hollander
Alex: Kate Ashfield
Olga: Ania Sowinski
Will: Trystan Gravelle
Sergei/Ambassador: Stephen Critchlow
Boss: Malcolm Tierney
Ambassador's wife/Waitress: Janice Acquah
Bart: Jonathan Tafler
News seller/Man 2: Chris Pavlo
Bellboy/Man 1: Dan Starkey
Directed by Marc Beeby.
Theremin: Tom Hollander
  • alex forsythe....Juliet Aubrey
  • alex: Kate Ashfield
  • ambassador's wife....Janice Acquah
  • ambassador's wife/waitress: Janice Acquah
  • ambassador....Stephen Critchlow
  • bart....Jonathan Tafler
  • bart: Jonathan Tafler
  • bellboy....Dan Starkey
  • bellboy/man 1: Dan Starkey
  • boss....Malcolm Tierney
  • boss: Malcolm Tierney
  • Leon Theremin....Tom Hollander
  • man 1....Dan Starkey
  • man 2....Chris Pavlo
  • news seller....Chris Pavlo
  • news seller/man 2: Chris Pavlo
  • olga....ania sowinski
  • olga: ania sowinski
  • sergei....Stephen Critchlow
  • sergei/ambassador: Stephen Critchlow
  • waitress....Janice Acquah
  • will....trystan gravelle
  • will: trystan gravelle
  • directed by.... - Marc Beeby
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