Steve Richards talks to politicians who have suffered electoral defeat.

0101Chris Patten2003012620030129This edition features former MP Chris Patten.
0102Peter Tatchell2003020220030205
0103 LASTShirley Williams2003020920030212
0201Norman Lamont2004062020040623This edition features former Chancellor Norman Lamont, who lost in the Labour landslide of 1997.
0202Michael Portillo2004062720040630This edition recalls Michael Portillo's dramatic defeat in the 1997 general election.
0203Tony Benn2004070420040707Steve Richards examines Tony Benn's dramatic defeat in the 1983 election.
0204 LASTNeil Kinnock2004071120040714Steve Richards talks to Neil Kinnock about losing the 1992 general election.