Adaptation of John O'Farrell's novel about life as a Labour supporter through 18 years of Conservative government.

With John O'Farrell, Jack Dee, Doon Mackichan and Tony Hawkes.

Producer Lucy Armitage.Duration 30 minutes, station Radio 4

011979-19822000092520020115featuring CND, the Falklands War and a battery chicke.
021983-19862000100220020122featuring the miners' strike, Kinnock's "lancing of the boil of militant", and Scotch eggs.
031987-19912000100920020129Featuring the fall of the Berlin wall, Howe's resignation speech, John Major and country dancing.
04 LAST1992-19972000101620020205Featuring Basildon, Portillo, pantomime rhinos and the Eurovision Song Contest.


  • 30 minutes