Things Could Be Worse

Surreal sitcom starring Harry Worth.


01The Blackmail Letter1976091520180107 (BBC7)

When he receives a menacing letter, the biggest threat to Harry's wellbeing is Harry himself!

Harry blunders his way through another catalogue of mishaps.

02Take A Chance1976092220180114 (BBC7)

Harry enters a radio quiz. Will his cigarette card general knowledge be enough?

03An Englishman's Home1976092920180121 (BBC7)

Harry and his neighbours take on the council when a new bypass threatens their homes.

04The Best Policy1976100619761008
20180128 (BBC7)

Harry finds a wallet and, being an honest chap, hands it in. What could go wrong?

05It Never Rains1976101320180204 (BBC7)

Harry goes on holiday to the seaside and is treated to a week of typical British weather.

06Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot1976102020180211 (BBC7)

Harry gets more than he bargains for when he spends his birthday reminiscing about the war

07And So To Bed1976102720180218 (BBC7)

Harry has back problems, but will a reputation for being a hypochondriac work against him?

08The 10.15 To Gatwick1976110320180225 (BBC7)

Harry's off on a trip to Munich, but his journey to the airport starts going off the rails

09The Wedding1976111020180304 (BBC7)

Harry is best man at his best friend Derek's wedding. What could possibly go wrong?

10The Visit1976111720180311 (BBC7)

Harry plans to visit his godparents in Liverpool. Surely, even he couldn't mess that up?

11Going For A Song1976112420180318 (BBC7)

Harry spends the night outside a department store to grab a bargain.

12The Coach Trip1976120120180325 (BBC7)

Harry takes his troublesome nephew Edwin on an incident-packed coach journey down the M1.

13 LASTAll At Sea1976120820180401 (BBC7)

Harry and his friends go nature rambling along the Welsh coast.