When Maggie sees an illusionist on television she becomes convinced that he is her half-brother and that through him she and her sisters Lena and Nell will finally find the father, Austin Birtwhistle, who walked out on them thirty seven years before.
Linda Marshall Griffiths' original play explores illusion and disillusion, the boundaries of love and the extremes of grief as a family, fractured by abandonment, tread the emotional hinterland of reconciliation. Echoing Shakespeare's King Lear, we see Austin, an old man, raving on Brighton Beach, as he wanders through the gaps in his own life, conjuring all the things he left behind.
MAGGIE....Julia Ford
LENA....Deborah McAndrew
NELL....Jo Hartley
IVAN....Tom Rolinson
AUSTIN....Oliver Cotton
CHARLIE....Ifan Meredith
TOM....Jake Norton
TERRY/DAVE....Russell Richardson
Directed by Nadia Molinari
Featuring music from 'Infra' composed by Max Richter.
Linda Marshall Griffiths' drama about estranged sisters on a journey to find their father.

Broadcast Dates

  • 20120122 (Radio 3)