Things My Mother Never Told Me ( About Lockdown)


02Jayde Adams20200729
02Jayde Adams20200729Lockdown is making us think a lot more about family, and for many people the parent-child relationship has been flipped. With the older generation more vulnerable to Coronavirus, middle-aged children are now worrying about where their parents are, and if they're behaving responsibly. We're telling them not to stay out late, to stay away from friends (especially those bad influences who won't wear masks), and to eat their vegetables.

Sindhu Vee and her guests take a look at that bond, and ask whether the things their mothers taught them have set them up to cope with a global pandemic.

This week, "Crazy Delicious" host Jayde Adams shares anecdotes about growing up in Bristol with a strong matriarch, and how their relationship changed after the death of Jayde's older sister Jenna.

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Sindhu Vee and Jayde Adams talk about the mother daughter relationship

Comedian Sindhu Vee invites guests to talk about their mothers and coping with lockdown.