The Things We Never Said [Drama]


DRAMA2017051120180213 (R4)By Ming Ho. A mother. A daughter. A lifetime - in one suspended moment...

Drama from BBC Radio 4

by Ming Ho, with Lia Williams and Sian Phillips.
Winner of the Writers' Guild Award for Best Radio Drama 2018.

A mother. A daughter. A lifetime. But what becomes of that bond, when one of you knows only the present moment - Monday, 15.36?

'You said you'd never forget me, but you have.' 'You said you'd love me forever, but you don't know who I am...'

Writer.... Ming Ho
Director.... Abigail le Fleming

Ming has written for TV series EastEnders, Casualty, Heartbeat, The Bill. Her previous stage play, Exhumation, was workshopped at the Royal Court Theatre, London, 2015. She also writes and speaks on dementia and carer issues and blogs at (Dementia Just Ain't) Sexy:

Drama from BBC Radio 4