Think About It

Ian Peacock dons his thinking cap for this new series examining how we think.


01How Babies Think20030623

In this first programme he finds out how babies think and whether we can do anything to help them become little Einsteins.

02What Is The Name Of This Programme?20030630

Ian Peacock puts some great modern day thinkers to the test in a mission to come up with a title for his programme.

He talks to a Chess Grand Master about strategic thinking, brainstorms with an advertising creative team, mind maps with a brain guru and even meditates with a Buddhist in a bid to come up with the title.

Along the way he discovers how different people think, and whether you can teach someone a new thinking style.

Or is the answer to thinking through a problem to not think at all? ".

03 LASTLifelong Thinking20030707

In the final part of this series, Ian Peacock investigates what he can do to keep the brain cells ticking as he gets older.

Is it a case of 'use it or lose it'? Ian visits the set of Countdown to find out why so many pensioners tune in everyday and whether their interest in conundrums is actually helping keep their minds fit and active.

Are Crosswords and scrabble the key to a long life of thinking? As well as other well known older thinkers, Tony Benn thinks through thinking with Ian and ponders how his thinking has changed over time.