02Earth Mapping20050102A nightmare journey from Kabul, a migration of birds in Greenland and a man lying on his back in a car park looking at the sky, while in Ireland Kevin tries to get lost in a wood in order to remember a day in his childhood when he first learned about mapping and why sometimes it is important to lose your way.
A meditation on mapping with contributions from international artists, writers, environmentalists, composers and members of the public including:
Lin Coghlan, Lyn Gardner, John Hull, Paul Heritage, Kazuko Hohki, Vivienne Jake, Silke Mansholt, Graeme Miller, David Qujaukitsoq, Shirazuddin Siddiqi, Karen Wimhurst and Paddy Woodworth.
Thinking Earth is one of a trilogy of complementary programmes broadcast on Radio 4 (8.00pm January 1st) , BBC World Service (11.00pm January 1st) and Radio 3.
Cleary....Jim Norton
Kevin....Lloyd Hutchinson
Younger Kevin....Daniel Price
Music by Billy Cowie
Produced by Pam Marshall
01An Abc Of The Night20050101One third of a unique radio event linking Radio 4, Radio 3 and World Service which captures, in three distinctive programmes, a snapshot of the world in sound.
Inspired by the simplicity of children's ABC books, 26 tiny stories about the night are organised in alphabetical order from Australia to Zagreb.
A kaleidoscopic mixture of fiction and real-life stories skipping from the flying foxes of Brisbane to night-time bakers in Teheran via the Dickensian streets of modern day London and skinny-dipping in the phosphorescent sea off Norway.
Contributors include Pavlica Bajsic, Dennis O'Driscoll, Nick Fisher, Israel Horovitz, Iiris Ingman, Joyce Moholoagae, Ibrat Jumaboyev, and Lawrence English.