A 10-part adaptation of Graham Greene's atmospheric thriller set in postwar Vienna, read by Mark Strong.

0320040929Rollo Martins takes advantage of a case of mistaken identity and steps into the shoes of literary lion Benjamin Dexter.
0520041001Rollo makes a dangerous choice when he decides to interview Harry Lime's neighbour about his old friend's death.
0620041004After a second death in Harry's neighbourhood, Rollo is no closer to uncovering the identity of the mysterious third man.
0720041005Rollo has news for the police: Harry Lime was murdered.
But the police in their turn have news for Rollo.
0820041006The scales have fallen from Rollo's eyes and he knows that Harry Lime died a criminal, but a greater shock is in store in the cold Viennese night.
0920041007Rollo is beginning to ask questions about the death of Harry Lime.
10 LAST20041008The police bait their last trap for Harry Lime as Rollo waits at a café beside the hidden entrance to Vienna's great sewer.
But surely Harry is too smart to come.