The fascinating story of how the Third Reich - a dictatorship with an advanced appreciation of media manipulation - developed magnetic tape recording, the very technology that led to the birth of rock'n'roll.

Over three weekly episodes, Stephen Fry tells the story of how Hitler's huge financial investment in recording for propaganda purposes would eventually give rise to exactly those personal freedoms he was trying to suppress.

0120090316The story starts with how the Allies discovered both German Magnetophon recording machines and the plastic magnetic tape they recorded onto.
It took two of America's biggest entertainment stars to realise the potential of this revolutionary technology.
Bing Crosby produced America's first taped network radio show.
And his friend, Les Paul, created his ground-breaking over-dubbing techniques, the building blocks of today's record production.
0220090323Examining the rock 'n' roll years and how the invention of the multi-track recording process changed the face of music production forever.
03 LAST20090330Going digital - looking at how a revolution in technology has led directly to the creation of new musical genres.


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