The Thirteen Million Club


20201124More than 13 million people in the UK identify as having a disability, and yet half of British adults say they don't know any disabled people. To mark the 25th anniversary of the Disability Discrimination Act, we bring together a diverse lineup of brilliant disabled comics for the first time on Radio 4.

From the verbal freewheeling of Jess 'Touretteshero' Thom to the sharp tongue of Tanyalee Davis, the one-liners of outstanding newcomer Don Biswas and the barbs of Jamie McDonald, all under the unique MC-ing supervision of national sensation Lost Voice Guy - this is a night of unpredictable mayhem from a fresh set of perspectives.

These are voices that haven't been heard enough by comedy fans in this country, and they represent one of the most under-represented communities in Britain. But first and foremost, this is a hilarious night of off-the-wall humour from a range of comedians you should expect to hear from a lot more, and a show we can truly say is unlike any other.

Produced by Lianne Coop.
An Impatient production for BBC Radio 4

13 million people in the UK are disabled. Lost Voice Guy introduces some of the funniest.