Thirty Minute Theatre: Macwoodstockintosh


[R4 BD=19940823]

by Mark Davies Markham. First Bite, the BBC Radio

Young Writers' Festival launches its nationwide hunt for scripts with MacWoodstockintosh - direct from the Edinburgh Festival and featuring live music from WAH! NOW.

Rock star Jed has been in a drug-induced coma since Woodstock, on a life-support machine in his ex-" chick's" garden shed. He is shocked back to life by hearing a 90's cover version of one of his old songs and heads off to MacWoodstockintosh - a Scottish re-creation of Woodstock.

What does he make of 1994? And who gave him that last cocktail of drugs to get him out of the way?

Music by Pete Wylie. Director Anne Edyvean

[R4 BD=19940823]

Unknown: Mark Davies Markham.

Music By: Pete Wylie.

Director: Anne Edyvean