Thirty Minute Theatre: The Noise Crusaders


[R4 BD=19951205]

By Stephen Russell. Car alarms?

Midnight raves next door? Tom's had it with noise. But how far can you go in the quest for a bit of quiet? When Tom forms the Noise Crusaders, he doesn't reckon on his fellow activists' hard-line attitude to barking dogs or on their unnerving supply of military hardware. with Jimmy Hibbert. Jon Culshaw , Clare Feck and Peter Kerry. Director Martin Jameson

[R4 BD=19951205]

Unknown: Stephen Russell.

Unknown: Jimmy Hibbert.

Unknown: Jon Culshaw

Unknown: Clare Feck

Unknown: Peter Kerry.

Director: Martin Jameson

Tom: Jeffe Rawle

Beretta: Maureen Beattie

MrSchindler: Malcolm Raeburn

Mary Jane: Melissa Sinden

Brian: Peter Rylands