Thirty Minute Theatre: The Terraced House


[R4 BD=19940308]

A ghost story by Frederick Bradnum , with Hugh Dickson as Meadows.

Mr Meadows has moved to a new house. His wife has just died and he is learning to live alone. He'd thought of putting a sign in the front window saying, "Attention! Lonely! Do come in!" But you can't be sure that you'd get the callers that you want.

Director Jane Morgan

[R4 BD=19940308]

Story By: Frederick Bradnum

Unknown: Hugh Dickson

Unknown: Mr Meadows

Director: Jane Morgan

June Smith: Elaine Claxton

Victoria: Rachel Atkins

Madge: Deborah Berlin

Hayter: Eric Allan

ad woman: Margaret John

Old man: Colin Pinney

Tom: Alan Thompson