Thirty Minute Theatre:they Can't Take That Awayfrom Me


[R4 BD=19951219]

By Richard Pearce. Mary, 82, and Jack, 86, meet on a ferry travelling from the Isle of Wight to Portsmouth and discover that Christmas can still be magical, even if you are octogenarians. with Andrew Branch. David Timson. Jill Shilling and Jane Whittenshaw. Director Glyn Dearman

[R4 BD=19951219]

Unknown: Richard Pearce.

Unknown: Andrew Branch.

Unknown: David Timson.

Unknown: Jill Shilling

Unknown: Jane Whittenshaw.

Director: Glyn Dearman

Mary: Mary Wimbush

Jack: Maurice Denham

Lad: Ross Livingstone

Debs/Brenda: Jilly Bond

B&Bwoman: Tessa Worsley

Stella: Becky Hindley