Comedy by Jeff Young.

Celebrity archaeologist Billy Eden is convinced that a magnificent painting is waiting to be discovered deep in a cave beneath the hills of Wales.

But as he makes his descent into the earth with world class potholer Nessa Hawkes, his visionary quest is in danger of being thwarted.

Billy's wife Sarah and best friend Pam have abandoned their yoga mats, donned their cagoules and are heading for hills - as are theme park guru Gregson and his murderous sidekick Cooper.

Billy Eden....Dan Antopolski

Nessa Hawkes....Cal Jaggers

Sarah....Katherine Jakeways

Pam....Felicity Montagu

Gregson....Matthew Gravelle

Cooper....Lee Mengo

Directed by Kate Mcall.

By Jeff Young.

A celebrity archaeologist searches for a painting buried in a Welsh cave.

Broadcast Dates

  • 20090522 (Radio 4)