Award-winning novelist Janice Galloway's memoir of her impoverished upbringing in 1950s Ayrshire.

0120080922A family photograph is the starting-point for memories of the author's turbulent start in life.
0220080923Janice's mother has made the difficult decision to leave her drunken husband and start afresh with her young daughter.
0320080924Rocked by the return of her older sister Cora, Janice faces another hurdle as she starts primary school.
0420080925After Eddie's death, the Galloway women have been able to move back into the family home.
Things should be looking up, but the constant pressure to be good is beginning to tell on Janice.
05 LAST20080926Janice is beginning to see potential in her future, but first she must escape the familiar patterns and secrets from the past that threaten to drag her down.