This Sceptred Isle: The 20th Century


01A New King, A New Century

02South Africa, Balfour And Education

03Naval Build-up, Free Trade And Empire

06Cornflakes, Traffic And The Moroccan Question

07Women's Rights, Religious Discrimination And Military Reform

10King George V

11Constitutional Confrontation And The Agadir Crisis

12The Titanic, Home Rule And The Marconi Affair

13Ireland, Emily Davison And The Tango

14The Uvf And The Outbreak Of War

16The Origins Of The Second World War

18Lloyd George Out, Baldwin In

22Red Buses And The Wall Street Crash

23European Union And India

24National Government And Naval Mutiny

26The Chancellor Of Germany

30A Coronation As War Looms

31Anschluss And The Munich Agreement

32The Approach Of War

33Dunkirk, The Battle Of Britain, And The Evacuation

34Morale, Propaganda, And The Usa

37D-day, Education, And The Birth Of The Un

44The Return Of Churchill

45The Death Of George Vi

47The Four-minute Mile, The H-bomb And Eden's Frustration

48The Warsaw Pact And The Departure Of Churchill

49The Suez Crisis

51Cnd, Cyprus And The End Of National Service

52Cuba, Cyprus, And The Russians Reach The Moon

54The Bay Of Pigs And The Building Of The Berlin Wall

55Tw3, The Death Of Marilyn Monroe And The Cuban Missile Crisis

56Beeching, Profumo And Martin Luther King's Dream

57Ian Smith, Harold Wilson And Vietnam

58The Death Of Churchill, Rolling Thunder And Udi

59Another Labour Victory

60The Six-day War And Devaluation

62The Troubles, Biafra, And In Place Of Strife

63Edward Heath Becomes Mp

64Decimalisation And Ulster In Flames

65Britain Joins Europe, Bloody Sunday, And Black September

66Rivers Of Blood, Europe, And The Yom Kippur War

67Who Governs Britain?

68The Birth Of Thatcherism And A Referendum On Europe

69Wilson Resigns

70Jubilee And Charter 77

72Prime Minister Thatcher And The Ira

73Afghanistan And Michael Foot

74The Sdp And Ira Hunger Strikes