A series that looks at the history of and solutions to famous philosophical paradoxes, and asks whether they have any use in the real world.

Peter Cave is a philosopher with his head in the clouds.

His companion, Nick Romero, has his hob-nailed boots firmly fixed to the ground.

Together they enter a strange fairground where all the attractions take the guise of philosophical paradoxes.

01Buridan's Ass20050613They meet a very hungry ass, and his owner, the 14th Century French philosopher, Jean Buridan.
02Zeno's Tortoise20050614In their second adventure in a paradoxical fair, philosopher Peter Cave introduces Nick Romero to the paradoxes of doing an infinite number of events in a finite time.
They meet and race against a tortoise who has been convinced by the Greek philosopher Zeno, that given a head start can never be beaten.
03Theseus' Ship20050615Their philosophical dialogue centers on identity.
What makes you, you? And are you the same you throughout your life? They meet the Greek mythical hero Theseus, who has an identity problem with his ship.
04Contradiction!20050616Today they look at sentences that refer and appear to contradict themselves - like "This Sentence is False".
In the midst of this, they visit a paradoxical barber, thought up by Bertrand Russell
05 LASTThe Surprise Hanging20050617They encounter the paradox of the surprise hanging.
Knowing that he is to be hung on one day of the following week, but that on the morning of the hanging it will be a surprise, Nick has some fast thinking to do in order to make it to the end of the week.