This Sporting Life was author and playwright David Storey's first novel and was exceptional in that the major characters expressed themselves physically on the rugby league field rather than emotionally or intellectually.

Read by Stephen Tompkinson.

0120060630Arthur Machin is playing Rugby League and he is rammed by one of his own side at his club Primstone, causing him to lose six of his own front teeth.
0220060707Arthur takes Mrs Hammond on her second car trip.
0320060714Arthur Machin has received an invitation from the boss's wife, Mrs Weaver, to pay her a visit during the day while her husband is away.
Arthur takes her up on her offer but has serious misgivings when he discovers that his old friend Johnson has been hired by the Weavers to do their gardening.
After an attempted seduction from Mrs Weaver, he beats a hasty retreat, but his visit does have serious repercussions.
0420060721Arthur and Weaver's relationship has turned sour.
0520060728Judith is pregnant and Arthur Machin suspected.
06 LAST20060804Arthur Machin learns that Mrs Hammond is in hospital.