Christian Rodska reads from Harry Thompson's novel based on the famous voyage of the Beagle and the careers of her young captain, Robert FitzRoy, and the ship's naturalist, Charles Darwin.

Abridged by Tamsin Collison.

  • Written and read by Kit Wright.

    `It is common for boys to spend their Saturday mornings helping out at some workplace.

    Roy was drawn to the premises of R V Harvey and Son, Funeral Directors.'.

  • SeriesEpisodeTitleFirst
    BAB01Rio De Janeiro, November 13, 182820060206The Beagle begins a two year mission to map the waters and coasts of South America.
    BAB02Dungeness Point, Patagonia, April 1, 182920060207The crew of the Beagle encounter giant Indians who paint themselves in red and white crosses.
    BAB03Tierra Del Fuego, December 182920060208Fitzroy and his crew discover the natives have an uncanny ability to mimic English.
    BAB04Desolate Bay, Tierra Del Fuego, February 183020060209The Natives attack the crew and steal The Beagle's whaleboat.
    BAB05York Minster, Tierra Del Fuego, 3 March 183020060210The Beagle picks up some unexpected passengers.
    BAB06Rio De Janeiro, August 1, 183020060213As The Beagle nears the end of her mission, the ship picks up four native Fuegians.
    BAB07Plymouth, October, 183020060214The Beagle arrives back in England and the four Fuegians are sent to school.
    BAB08London, August, 183120060215As The Beagle prepares for her second voyage, a young Charles Darwin applies for the post of Ship's Naturalist.
    BAB09London, August, 183120060216Captain Fitzroy and the Fuegians are granted an audience at St James' Palace with King William and Queen Adelaide.
    BAB10 LASTPlymouth, December, 183120060217Charles Darwin is shocked to discover some of the more brutal realities of life at sea.