Threads Of Life - A History Of The World Through The Eye Of A Needle (omnibus)


20190210Textile artist and curator, Clare Hunter, travels through the centuries and across continents uncovering the lives of women and men who have used sewing and embroidery to tell their stories, sometimes in the most unlikely and hardest of circumstances.

From the political storytelling of the Bayeux tapestry's anonymous embroiderers, to the POWs who memorialized their lives in the harshest of conditions during WWII, to the marches celebrating one hundred years of women's suffrage in 2018, this is a treasure trove of book. Clare Hunters reveals how sewing and embroidery are as much about identity, politics and memory as they are about craft and art. Threads of Life is also peppered throughout with moments from Clare's own life as a textile artist, for instance, her first adventures with needle and thread, or the discovery of a beautifully worked patchwork quilt in an aunt's attic decades later. Listeners will delight in this celebration of sewing as an intimate and powerful medium for telling stories.

Read by Siobhan Redmond
Abridged by Julian Wilkinson
Produced by Elizabeth Allard

Omnibus of five parts first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in February 2019.

Textile artist Clare Hunter's illuminating history of sewing and embroidery.