Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin's account of Greg's involvement in building schools in Pakistan.

Read by William Hope.

0120080310Following a failed bid to ascend K2, Mortenson stumbles into Korphe, an impoverished village in northern Pakistan.
Although the children have no school, Mortenson is so moved by their hunger to learn that he promises to return.
0220080311Greg returns to Pakistan's Karakoram mountain range, where he engages in a lengthy bargaining process to buy all he needs to construct the school he promised to build.
When he finally arrives in Korphe atop a lorry load of lumber, the villagers make an astounding pronouncement.
0320080312Before work on Korphe school can begin, Greg and the villagers get to grips with the intricacies of constructing a suspension bridge.
0420080313Korphe school is almost built.
Greg seeks new villages in Pakistan to build more schools, but soon finds himself in danger.
05 LAST20080314Greg expands his school building project as conflict leads him to help Pakistan's poorest people in new ways.