The Three Hostages


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Bert Coules's dramatisation of another cracking adventure yarn featuring John Buchan's hero, Richard Hannay and his wife Mary, a former secret agent who helps to save her husband, not to mention the free world.

His wartime service now at an end, the newly-knighted Sir Richard Hannay lives in quiet contentment on his country estate.

But an unexpected and unsettling communication arrives from his old Secret Service boss Sir Walter Bullivant.

What possible connection can there be between a carefree young society woman, an aristocratic Cambridge undergraduate and a ten-year-old boy? Why have all three suddenly vanished? And why have all three disappearances been followed by the same mocking, cryptic letter to the authorities? Bullivant knows.

The war has swept away most of the old, civilised ways and the world of crime and criminals has changed forever.

Unthinkable it may be, but evil now wears a cultivated - yes, even an English - face of respectability.

For some time the Secret Service and Scotland Yard have suspected the existence of a vast, secret organisation of crooks and conspirators bent on some as-yet-unfathomed diabolical goal - and with an unknown genius at its head.

Years after his 39 Steps mission, Richard Hannay battles an international kidnap gang.

John Buchan drama starring David Robb.

Some years after his 39 Steps mission, Richard Hannay encounters a global criminal gang.

Stars David Robb and Haydn Gwynne.

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In 1921 the British Secret Service is ready to swoop on a gang of international criminals.

When the gang kidnaps three hostages, Richard Hannay is given the job of trying to save them.

However, his mission seems doomed when he falls into the clutches of an adversary who has the power to control men's minds.

Sir Richard Hannay....David Robb Lady Mary Hannay....Haydn Gwynnw Sir Walter Bullivant....Clive Merrison Dominick Medina....Michael Maloney Mrs Medina....Souad Faress Colonel Sandy Arbuthnot....Christian Rodska Gaudian....Andrew Harrison Lord Mercor....Ben Crowe General Warcliff....Gordon Reid Davey....Emma Callander Other parts played by members of the cast.

Producer/Director....Bruce Young

Battling international kidnappers, Richard Hannay takes on a sinister adversary.

John Buchan drama, starring David Robb.

Battling international kidnappers, agent Richard Hannay takes on a sinister adversary.

Stars David Robb and Clive Merrison.