Three Husbands [Radio Ulster]


2020032820200627 (RU)The True Crime genre is done for laughs in a new mockumentary about unsolved cases.

The true crime genre is done for laughs in a new mockumentary. Comedian Diona Doherty plays an ambitious young reporter who discovers that three men in Northern Ireland, who don’t know each other, share a connection. A doctor from Belfast, a professional gambler from Lurgan and a retired farmer living in isolation in Tyrone. The connection? They’re all married… to the same woman. Two weeks ago, that woman vanished without a trace.

Three Husbands is a mockumentary inspired by the wave of popular true crime podcasts and radio documentaries.

Our ambitious young reporter believes that the fastest way to the top of the news business, is with a cracking true crime documentary. All she needs is an unsolved crime, some victims and a suspect. And lots of crying would be great. If this documentary is a success, she could go on to present UTV LIVE or a Panorama. After that, who knows… Dancing On Ice? But first, she needs some drama, even if she has to create some herself.

The show stars Diona Doherty and is written and produced by Marc McElroy.