A comedy drama about three forty-something men who play golf together.

010120050627For Tom, Mike and Roger their forties should be a time of security, contentment and long, languid hours spent on the golf course.
But when Mike's marriage implodes and Roger's new relationship explodes, Tom finds himself as the world's most reluctant Agony Aunt.
  • dennison....Alan Francis
  • derek....Alan Francis
  • gill....Kate Robbins
  • hannah....Carla Mendonca
  • jennifer....karis halsall
  • jules....Polly Frame
  • linda....Jo Brookes
  • mike....Tony Gardner
  • robin....Alan Francis
  • roger....Danny Webb
  • the kid....Tom Raphael Eaves
  • the postman....Alan Francis
  • tom....Tony Slattery
  • 010220050704After a life spent manning the barricades of the sex war and condemning the phallocratic hierarchy that enslaves the sisterhood, Tom's feminism is put to the test when his life partner, Hannah, smashes through the glass ceiling and becomes his boss.
    010320050711When a disputed hole-in-one at the blind par three twelfth threatens the playing future of the three ball match made in heaven, Roger is forced to take desperate measures and consults the rule book.
    010420050718As middle-aged, middle class men who play golf, Mike, Roger and Tom run the world, apparently.
    Although this doesn't help Mike save his marriage, Roger prevent his bachelorhood disappearing over the horizon, or stop Tom impotently fuming over the misuse of the apostrophe.
    010520050725It's Quiz Nite at the Golf club and the big questions are: Can Roger persuade his girlfriend to Dress Casually? Is Mike falling for his Cleaning Woman? Why does Tom insist on wasting his life squirreling away a sad harvest of pedantic trivia?
    0106 LAST20050801When Tom, Mike and Roger's golfing happiness is in danger of becoming permanently blighted by the arrival of Robin, a practitioner of the Black Arts of Golf, Hannah and Jules have to step in to save the day with an elegant and subtle plan.
  • busby....jonathan aris
  • gill....Kate Robbins
  • hannah....Carla Mendonca
  • jason....Tom Raphael Eaves
  • jules....Polly Frame
  • mike....Tony Gardner
  • paul....Hugh Dennis
  • roger....Danny Webb
  • tom....Tony Slattery
  • valerie....Phyllida Law
  • 020220061110As more and more friends' relationships hit the mid-life marital rocks, Hannah decides that she and Tom must spend more time together.
    So she takes up golf and realises that it's spending more time together that causes so much divorce.
    020320061117While Roger, Tom and Mike are enjoying their usual Sunday round, they meet the club's oldest (and slowest) member.
    Roger's patience wears thin and tragedy, blackmail, treachery and revenge quickly ensue.
    020520061201Roger terrifies himself by playing a faultless round of golf, Tom discovers principles he never thought he had, and Mike tries to explain to Gill why it is that when golf goes well, life invariably goes wrong.
    0206 LAST20061208When Mike, Tom and Roger pack their bags and head off for a week together playing golf in France, the only thing that can utterly ruin the holiday is the fact they are together, playing golf and in France.
    Roger....Danny Webb
    Tom....Tony Slattery
    Mike....Tony Gardner
    Receptionist....Babette Barat
    Didier....Pierre Mabouche
    Charles....Jean Felix.