Three Wise Men And A Baby In A Pear Tree

A new adaptation by award winning writer, Jane Rogers, of RD Blackmore's high romance of love and vengeance on Exmoor.



John Ridd is 12 years old when his father is killed by Carver Doone, one of a murderous outlaw band who live in Doone Valley near his home.

John vows to avenge his father's death.

02In The Bleak Midwinter20041214

Millie comes to terms with her mother's devastating news.

03God Rest Ye Merry *20041215

The big day approaches, and Gran and Betty go on a pub crawl through the heart of BIRMINGHAM.

04When The Snow Lay Round About20041216

Despite Millie's fears, her father's re-appearance isn't so bad after all.

05 LASTIn The Bleak Midwinter20041217

Millie finds herself in pursuit of Mrs O'Tickley across the frozen wastes of Sutton Park.