Thrill Of Love, The [Drama]


2016110520200112 (BBC7)
20200113 (BBC7)

Maxine Peake plays Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in Britain.

Starring alongside a cast that includes Siobhan Finneran and Joe Armstrong, Amanda Whittington's hit stage transfer imagines the role played by the women close to Ruth during the months between Ruth's murder of her lover David Blakely and her subsequent death by hanging.

Framed with interviews and laced with the music of Billie Holiday, this is an intimate, evocative and thought provoking drama directed by Kate Chapman.

Writer Amanda Whittington
Director Kate Chapman
Producer Justine Potter
Executive Producer Melanie Harris
Sound Design by Eloise Whitmore
Music by Billie Holiday

A Savvy production for BBC Radio 4.

Maxine Peake as Ruth Ellis and Siobhan Finneran in Amanda Whittington's hit stage transfer

Drama from BBC Radio 4