Thriller Playhouse: The Eyes Of Max Carrados


[R4 BD=19951129]

By Ernest Bramah. 1923. A desperate girl tries to clear her father, and only the celebrated blind detective

Max Carrados can do it. With Simon Callow as Max and Lionel Jeffries as Parkinson.

Dramatised by Bert Coutes . A Mr Punch production

[R4 BD=19951129]

Unknown: Ernest Bramah.

Unknown: Max Carrados

Unknown: Simon Callow

Unknown: Lionel Jeffries

Dramatised By: Bert Coutes

Madeline Whitmarsh: Teresa Gallagher

William Whitmarsh: Matthew Marsh

Frank/Frank Jr: Philip Glenister

Villain/Vicar: David Bannerman

Lawyer/Sgt Brewster: Michael Beint

Mrs Lawrence/Mrs Whttmarsh: Marianne Morley