Thriller Playhouse:blonde For Danger


[R4 BD=19951220]

The series of thrillers from the 1930s ends with Guy Fithen 's adaptation from the book by Berkeley Grey. Christopher Cazenove stars as Norman Conquest , otherwise known as the Gay

Desperado, and Bonnie Langford is his resourceful partner, Pixie. with Alice Arnold , Shaun Prendergast ,

Anthony Jackson and Ali Hames. Music by Robert Rigby. A Mr Punch production

[R4 BD=19951220]

Unknown: Guy Fithen

Unknown: Christopher Cazenove

Unknown: Norman Conquest

Unknown: Bonnie Langford

Unknown: Alice Arnold

Unknown: Shaun Prendergast

Unknown: Anthony Jackson

Unknown: Ali Hames.

Music By: Robert Rigby.

Chief Inspector Williams: Richard Davies

Mandeville Livingstone: Colin Spaull

JJPace: Bill Nighy