Thursday Afternoon Play: Fossils


[R4 BD=19970925]

By Andy Rattenbury. Lou is having nightmares about a childhood trauma and decides to return home to confront her past. Her family is unnerved by her reappearance, and everyone is forced to unearth long-buried secrets. with Abigail McKern , Christine Kavanagh. Peter Gunn. Laura Rattenbury , Joanne Rattenbury and Kirsten Rattenbury. Director Celia de Wolff

[R4 BD=19970925]

Unknown: Andy Rattenbury.

Unknown: Abigail McKern

Unknown: Christine Kavanagh.

Unknown: Peter Gunn.

Unknown: Laura Rattenbury

Unknown: Joanne Rattenbury

Unknown: Kirsten Rattenbury.

Director: Celia de Wolff

May: Gwen Taylor

George: Jim Carter

Lou: Poppy Miller