Thursday Afternoon Play: Long Time Man


[R4 BD=19971127]

By Judy Upton. When three lonely women start writing to the same long-term prisoner, they send their hopes and fantasies along with their signatures. Life is complicated for a man entrusted with so many dreams. with Leda Hodgson , Alison Pettitt.

Gerard McDermott. Carolyn Jones. Alastair Danson , Sarah Rice. Rachel Atkins , Iwan Thomas , John Rowe and Anthony Ofoegbu Director Jonquil Panting

[R4 BD=19971127]

Unknown: Judy Upton.

Unknown: Leda Hodgson

Unknown: Alison Pettitt.

Unknown: Gerard McDermott.

Unknown: Carolyn Jones.

Unknown: Alastair Danson

Unknown: Sarah Rice.

Unknown: Rachel Atkins

Unknown: Iwan Thomas

Unknown: John Rowe

Unknown: Anthony Ofoegbu

Scott: Paul Higgins

Donna: Dl Botcher