Thursday Afternoon Play: Shells On A Woven Chord


[R4 BD=19971204]

By Akulah Agbami. Mother Somalia is holding a once-in-a-lifetime gathering on her beach. She invites her scattered daughters to celebrate their stories and poems with her. with Peggy Phango. Joy Richardson. Flo Wilson

, Toyin Fani Kayode , Nicola Gardener, Sandra James Young , Ray Emmet Brown and Burt Caesar. Music by Akintayo Akinbode Director Nandita Ghose

[R4 BD=19971204]

Unknown: Peggy Phango.

Unknown: Joy Richardson.

Unknown: Flo Wilson

Unknown: Toyin Fani Kayode

Unknown: Sandra James Young

Unknown: Ray Emmet Brown

Unknown: Burt Caesar.

Music By: Akintayo Akinbode

Director: Nandita Ghose

FatimaAli: Maxine Burth

Faiza: Anne Marie Frater