Thursday Afternoon Play: The Earthquake Girl


[R4 BD=19970313]

By Katie Hims. Starring Saskia Reeves as Edie/Elenor. Edie works in a library and is terrified of causing a world catastrophe. Her sister-in-law, Lila, thinks she should go out and find a man, but Edie would rather stay in to write a Gothic romance. In fact, Edie would be a library if she could.

Director Kate Rowland

[R4 BD=19970313]

Unknown: Katie Hims.

Unknown: Saskia Reeves

Director: Kate Rowland

Library supervisor: Barbara Marten

Mrs Penny: Jean Alexander

Lila: Jane Hollowood

Aunt Amelia: Jane Hollowood

Errol Maroon: Burt Caesar

The hero: Philip Rham