A six-part series in which Matthew Engel charts 100 years in the history of popular daily newspapers from 1896 to 1996.

0101Hail To The Chief! The Launch Of The Daily Mail19970906In 1896, Lord Northcliffe, the `Chief', invented the formula for the first popular daily newspaper and made the Daily Mail the campaigning vehicle for his own enthusiasms: from wholemeal bread to national rearmament.
0102Sunshine From The Sausage Shop: The Rise Of The Daily Express19970913Often wrong, but rarely boring, Lord Beaverbrook's Daily Express overtook the Daily Mail to become Britain's top-selling daily paper in the interwar years, with a diet of reader insurance, free gifts and relentless optimism.
0103Sex, Sensation, Heroism And Pets: The Mirror's Winning Formula19970920The Daily Mirror became the paper of the demob generation, with a punchy new style of tabloid journalism that made it the world's biggest-selling English-language daily newspaper.
0104Something Appealing, Something Appalling: The News Of The World Story19970927A look at how the world's most successful Sunday newspaper has livened up boring British Sundays for over 150 years.
0105The Dawn Of A New Era: Here Comes The Sun19971004How Rupert Murdoch turned a failing left-wing broadsheet into the tabloid newspaper phenomenon of the 1970s and 80s.
0106 LASTStar Wars: A Challenge To The Sun19971011Kelvin MacKenzie's Sun captured the mood of the 80s, but the Star posed a new challenge: how far down-market can daily papers go?