Tiger, Tiger And Other Stories


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by Janet Frame. In 1951 Janet

Frame was only days away from a leucotomy when she won the Hubert Church Literary Award. The operation was cancelled, and she went on to become known as New Zealand's greatest living author, and a 1992 Nobel Literature Prize Nominee.

Tiger, Tiger and The Secret delve into the delight and pain of childhood. Read by Nicolette McKenzie.

(Music by Don McGlashan from the film Angel at My Table

Producer Faynia Williams. Stereo

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Read By: Nicolette McKenzie.

Music By: Don McGlashan

Producer: Faynia Williams.

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Solutions penetrates into the bizarre comers of humanity's yearnings with all of Janet Frame's humour, compassion and ability to catch the listener unawares.


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The Pictures and My

Cousins Who Could Eat

Cooked Turnips

Janet Frame's garden of childhood delights, where the line between fantasy and reality is blurred and everyday rituals assume mythic importance.


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In Dossy a little girl is seen through her own eyes and those of the nuns watching her play. Swans goes on a trip to the seaside, where all is not as it should be.


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How Can I Get in Touch with Persia?

A haunting story by Janet Frame.


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Story By: Janet Frame

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by Janet Frame.

The Park and The


A perspective on life in a mental institution.

Read by Nicolette McKenzie.

Music by Don McGlashan from the film Angel at My Table

Producer Faynia Williams. Stereo

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The Mythmaker's Office "Death" becomes unmentionable, and people arrive from the moon sucking lozenges.

My Last Story brings this series to a poignant end. Stereo