A new four part comedy drama written by Lynne Truss.

Susan is determined that for half an hour each week she will find time to watch her favourite UK oldie programme, Mrs Milliner.

Each time she settles down to watch the television she is inevitably interrupted.

0101The Window Cleaner20030707In this episode by a rather incompetent window cleaner - and, being a person who finds it hard to say no, her viewing always seems to be disrupted.
If only she could be more like Mrs Milliner, a forceful woman who is not only ruthless about getting her own way, but also makes the most fantastic hats!.
0102Auntie Pat And The Scary Cat20030714Mrs Milliner is busy dazzling London with her new collection of staggering hats and Susan is in heaven watching it - until her Auntie Pat turns up with alarming news about a very scary cat.
Will Susan ever find out what Gerald did to turn Mrs Milliner against him? Mrs Milliner....Jane Asher Susan....Caroline Harker Gerald....Jonathan Coy Auntie Pat....Brigit Forsyth Elsie....Beth Chalmers
0103The Charity Worker20030721Susan is doomed always to be interrupted while watching her favourite TV programme, Mrs Milliner - this time, by a rather forceful charity worker.
0104 LASTThe Husband20030728Susan has broken her leg and is chair bound - surely nothing now can prevent thirty minutes of uninterrupted heaven with Mrs Milliner? What's more the Mrs Milliner episode is the last ever made, and Susan's heroine has gained a royal commission - to design a new Busby.
But Susan hadn't bargained on her husband staying home to look after her.
Mrs Milliner....Jane Asher Susan....Caroline Harker Gerald....Jonathan Coy Jamie....Jonathan Firth Elsie....Beth Chalmers Mr Sparrow....Stephen Critchlow