The Time Of My Life

Caroline Swinburne meets retired professionals who've chosen to spend their senior years in care homes which cater for specific trades.


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Edgar Lustgarten

Most people can look back at a certain time in their lives which was filled with intense pleasure and excitement.

EDGAR LUSTGARTEN feels that the time of his life was during the war when he worked with a BBC Section directly engaged in Radio counter-propaganda. (Extended version of Sunday's broadcast)


Unknown: Edgar Lustgarten

Unknown: Edgar Lustgarten

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Archbishop Lord Fisher of Lambeth

99th Archbishop of Canterbury, 1945-61

Lord Fisher, now curate of the village of Trent in Dorset. talks to HAROLD ROGERS about his life as Archbishop of Canterbury, and recalls some of the joyful and sad occasions during the time of his life he lived at Lambeth Palace.

Produced by HAROLD ROGERS (Extendedversion: Fri,4.0pm)


Unknown: Harold Rogers

Produced By: Harold Rogers

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Archbishop Lord Fisher of Lambeth

(Extended version of Sunday's broadcast)

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The trouble with Roberts A is that he's 100 years / ahead of his time.


Thomas Roberts sj talks to HELEN FRY on the events and results of his occupation of the See of Bombay 1937-1950

Produced by HELEN FRY

(Repeated: Thursday, 9.5 am)


Unknown: Thomas Roberts

Unknown: Helen Fry

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George Woodcock discusses with HAROLD WEBR the years 1960-1969, when he was General Secretary of the tuc. Produced by STANLEY WILLIAMSON


Unknown: George Woodcock

Unknown: Harold Webr

Produced By: Stanley Williamson

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George Woodcock

(Saturdays broadcast)


Unknown: George Woodcock

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Baroness Masham of Ilton

Lady Masham looks back on her life since 1958. when as a result of a riding accident she became a paraplegic.

In conversation with WILFRED DE' ATH she recalls her early days in hospital and her long struggle towards rehabilitation. She discusses her everyday life as a cripple, her work for the disabled, and the meaning to her of becoming a member of the House of Lords.

Produced by GEORGE ANGELL (Repeated: Thursday 9.5 am)


Produced By: George Angell

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Baroness Masham

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Dr Henry Miller

Vice-Chancellor of Newcastle University, recalls the impact of his first visit to America in 1938-9 Produced by GILLIAN HUSH


Unknown: Dr Henry Miller

Produced By: Gillian Hush

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Dr Henry Miller Vice-Chancellor of Newcastle University



Unknown: Dr Henry Miller

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Judith Listowel talking to NICHOLAS CARROLL

In 1926 Judith Listowel arrived in England from Hungary with E3 10s a week, a generous wardrobe, and a desire to study economics; looked up the London School of Economics in the telephone book and enrolled there. Her teachers from then until 1930 included Harold Laski. Eileen Power, R. H. Tawney ; among her fellow students was Hugh Gaitskell. Produced by RICHARD KEEN (Repeated: Thursday, 9.5 am)


Unknown: Nicholas Carroll

Unknown: Judith Listowel

Unknown: Harold Laski.

Unknown: R. H. Tawney

Unknown: Hugh Gaitskell.

Produced By: Richard Keen

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Judith Listowel


Unknown: Judith Listowel

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Lord Robens talks to GORDON SNELL about the experiences and beliefs which have influenced him, at times of choice or decision, through nearly 40 years of public'life.

' Mine is not really a spectacular, meteoric rise; it's rather a chap who has steadily sawn wood and gone on sawing wood until he has finaUy got through to the completion of the log-sawing...'



Unknown: Gordon Snell

Produced By: Sheila Anderson

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in conversation with DEREK PARKER

Philip Noel-Baker , former Socialist up and Cabinet Minister, has worked passionately throughout his long life for the ideal of peace.

He chooses 1918-1924 as the time of his life because during that period he collaborated with men like Robert Cecil , Jan Smuts , Arthur Henderson , and Fridtjof Nansen for the creation and establishment of the League of Nations.

Produced by GEORGE ANGELL (Repeated: Thursday, 9.5 am)


Unknown: Derek Parker

Unknown: Philip Noel-Baker

Unknown: Robert Cecil

Unknown: Jan Smuts

Unknown: Arthur Henderson

Unknown: Fridtjof Nansen

Produced By: George Angell

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A. L. Rowse historian and Shakespearean scholar, looks back to a period of transition from a working-class life in a Cornish village to the splendours of All Souls College, Oxford.

Produced by PATRICK HARVEY (Repeated: Thursday, 9.5 am)


Unknown: L. Rowse

Produced By: Patrick Harvey

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Baroness Wootton of Abinger talks to ANTHONY SCHOOLING

Lady Wootton retired this year from 44 years' service as a magistrate. She doesn'do things by halves: she set out to acquire an expert understanding of the questions the courts confronted her with. and wrote Social Science and Social Pathology as a result.

She recalls her life as a jp and the changes she has seen in the courts and in society.

Produced by RICHARD KEEN (Repeated: Thursday, 9.5 am)


Produced By: Richard Keen

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Baroness Wootton of Abinger

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Anthony Bloom

Metropolitan of the Russian Orthodox Church in Western Europe, looks back on a significant part of his life.

In conversation with ROBERT KEE he recalls the years 1933-45. when various dramatic experiences decided him to give up the medical profession and dedicate himself to the life of priesthood.

Produced by GEORGE ANGELL (Repeated: Thursday, 9.5 am)


Unknown: Robert Kee

Produced By: George Angell

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David Davis (' David ') chooses his years with the BBC Children's Hour




Produced by GRAHAM GAULD 1


Unknown: David Davis

Unknown: E. Jenkin

Unknown: Josephine Plummer

Unknown: Barbara Sleigh

Unknown: Geoffrey Dearmer

Unknown: Singers Betty Baskcomb

Produced By: Graham Gauld


Old habits die hard and there's not an empty seat in the home as residents gather to watch the one o'clock news and bemoan the state of the profession today.


'Once a priest, always a priest'.

Caroline Swinburne meets residents at Manormede home for retired clergy as they reflect on their lives and look forward to the next one.

0103The Motor Trade20040121

Caroline Swinburne meets retired professionals from the motor trade as their care home celebrates the annual car fete.

They're joined by Bruce Forsythe, from a motoring family himself whose sister was one of their former residents.

0104The Chelsea Pensioners20040122

Caroline Swinburne meets retired servicemen who've chosen to spend their final years surrounded by others from the military.

0105 LASTThe Show Must Go On!20040123

Caroline Swinburne meets residents of Denville Hall - a retirement home for actors who are still treading the boards!.