Caroline Swinburne meets retired professionals who've chosen to spend their senior years in care homes which cater for specific trades.

0101Journalists20040119Old habits die hard and there's not an empty seat in the home as residents gather to watch the one o'clock news and bemoan the state of the profession today.
0102Clergy20040120'Once a priest, always a priest'.
Caroline Swinburne meets residents at Manormede home for retired clergy as they reflect on their lives and look forward to the next one.
0103The Motor Trade20040121Caroline Swinburne meets retired professionals from the motor trade as their care home celebrates the annual car fete.
They're joined by Bruce Forsythe, from a motoring family himself whose sister was one of their former residents.
0104The Chelsea Pensioners20040122Caroline Swinburne meets retired servicemen who've chosen to spend their final years surrounded by others from the military.
0105 LASTThe Show Must Go On!20040123Caroline Swinburne meets residents of Denville Hall - a retirement home for actors who are still treading the boards!.