Tina C's Commonwealth Of Nations - The Empire Strikes Back



Country music legend Tina C - multi-Grammy award-winner, global peace icon, and US troops pin-up in warzones worldwide - is the living embodiment (and what a body) of soft power.

Fresh from the Commonwealth Games' spectacular opening ceremony, Tina guides a Glasgow audience through her own unique take on the Commonwealth, and why she should be in it. Expect great songs, laughs, and a look at something you've known about all your life from a completely different perspective. Including special guests, obscure facts, and power ballads to bring us all together where ideology has failed. Written and performed by Christopher Green.

"Christopher Green's Tina C is one of the great comic creations of the age. A genuinely fine country singer, but with a twist of satire and insight which is rare and to be highly prized." - Stephen Fry

"To misconstrue Tina as a comedy act done merely for laughs is to miss out on a strategic, highly intelligent brand of satire" - The Age, Melbourne

"The political person's Barry Humphries" - The Guardian

"Better politics than Michael Moore, better legs than Marlene Dietrich" - New Zealand Herald

"Christopher Green....Part politician, part shaman, part sociologist, part healer, but you'll happily only focus on the fact that he's an entertainer" The Guardian

Producer: Jonquil Panting.