Country legend Tina C challenges the Secretary for the US Treasury, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve and the former CEO of Goldman Sachs that where they have failed, she can come up with a solution to the Global Recession, and sets off on a six country tour to prove it. With guest appearances from economists and financial journalists, including Will Hutton, Paul Mason and Gillian Tett.

01The United States20120111Country legend Tina C kicks of her tour to solve global recession in the United States.
02Iceland20120118This week she visits Iceland.
With Sigrun Davidsdottir 
03Australia20120125This week she goes down under.
With Andrew Cornell 
04Europe20120201This week she visits Europe.
05China20120208This week she's in China.
With Will Hutton, Victoria Inez Hardy and James Lailey.
06 LASTUnited Kingdom20120215Tina C is in the UK, camping outside St Paul's.
With Paul Mason 

Main Cast

  • Tina C - Christopher Green
  • Gillian Tett
  • Victoria Inez Hardy
  • James Lailey
  • Musical arrangements by Duncan Walsh Atkins and Christopher Green
  • Directed by Jeremy Mortimer


Stephen Fry says:

  • "Christopher Green's Tina C is one of the great comic creations of the age. A genuinely fine country singer, but with a twist of satire and insight which is rare and highly to be prized."