Country singer and global activist Tina C, the comic creation of Christopher Green, is back and turning her attention to Europe.

0101Stockholm2006110820070404She travels to Sweden.
"What's it like to be rich and be in a gang with poor folks?".
0103Eastern Europe2006112220070613She finds herself in one of the most recent states to join the EU, but isn't sure which one.
0104Ireland20061129 Tina discovers the delights of Ireland.
0105Berlin2006120620070620Country music sensation Tina C discovers David Hasselhoff sang schlock rock as the Berlin Wall came down.
'That's history!'.
0106 LASTMadrid2006121320070411Country music sensation Tina C explores the Spanish concept of duende - the mysterious spirit of performance.


  • The repeats are a little odd - "Stockholm" was broadcast, then followed by "Madrid", and the details did say "1/6" and "6/6"; no idea what happened to the four in the middle.
  • Then Eastern Europe and Berlin appeared months later.