By Debbie Tucker Green Based on interviews with female prisoners, To Swallow explores one woman's experience of being a drug 'mule'.

Playwright Debbie Tucker Green interviewed several women convicted of smuggling drugs by swallowing them and discovered a wide range of experiences from women of different ages, nationalities and economic backgrounds.

She learnt what is required of a drug mule practically - from how people met their suppliers to how the drugs were ingested.

She also learnt that most of the women were mothers or even grandmothers who, not expecting to get caught, had often left their children to an uncertain fate while they were in prison.

To Swallow distils all of these experiences into the story of one woman, Donna.

We travel backwards through Donna's story: hearing first what happens when she is released from prison, then the details of her prison sentence and finally her preparations for the flight she'll take, carrying the drugs inside her.

To Swallow is an insightful, non-judgemental account of how a woman might come to smuggle drugs inside her own body.