20130118 (BBC7)
20131124 (BBC7)
20131125 (BBC7)

The Time Lord calls on friends, family and the Meddling Monk to help overthrow the Daleks.

After the Dalek Invasion of Earth - a rematch...

The Doctor (Paul McGann) can't possibly be dead - but at the end of 'Lucie Miller' he was on board a Dalek spacecraft when it was destroyed...

Lucie (Sheridan Smith) and her friends get him to the TARDIS, but the full extent of the Daleks' new plans for the Earth become clear. It also becomes apparent that the Dalek Time Controller is very much alive and seeking revenge on the Time Lord for an earlier encounter. The chances of victory seem slim, and as rebel forces slowly gather their resources for an attack, the division between friends and enemies isn't so clear cut.

When the final confrontation occurs, the Doctor finds the cost is high and uncomfortably close to home...

Second in a two-part story, this is a full-cast.