To The Ends Of The Earth - The Man Who Would Be King [Drama]


2018072220200222 (R4)

by Rudyard Kipling, adapted by Mike Walker.

Kipling's chilling cautionary tale set deep in the Hindu Kush mountains.
Dan and Peachey are two con men with an insane and dangerous plan: they want to conquer a remote region of what is now Afghanistan.

Rudyard Kipling .... Blake Ritson
Daniel Dravot ....Richard Ridings
Peachey Carnehan .... Samuel James
Timuk ....Peter Polycarpou
Tribesman .... Joseph Ayre
Tribesman .... Stephen Hogan
Young woman ....Lauren Cornelius
Bride .... Lauren Cornelius
Wounded man .... John Lightbody
Tribesman .... Ryan Early
Tribesman .... Ryan Whittle
Adapted by .... Mike Walker
Director .... Abigail le Fleming

Kipling's chilling tale of adventure in the Hindu Kush mountains. Adapted by Mike Walker.

Drama from BBC Radio 4