Tomorrow Is Today

Series looking at the arts in Northern Ireland since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.


01Damien Gorman *20090511

With the thoughts of playwright Damien Gorman - winner of the Stewart Parker Award for his first play, All Being Well, and whose work has taken the Troubles as its theme on many occasions.

02Rita Duffy *20090512

With the thoughts of artist Rita Duffy, whose paintings and drawings often dramatically reflect her perception of the social and political climate of a divided region.

03Philip Hammond *20090513

With the thoughts of Philip Hammond a Belfast-born composer and the former arts development director at the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

04Leontia Flynn *20090514

With the observations of poet Leontia Flynn, whose often politically-inspired work has seen her shortlisted for the Whitbread Poetry Award and named one of the Poetry Book Society's Next Generation poets.

05 LASTDavid Park *20090515

With the thoughts of Belfast-born novelist David Park.

Winner of the American Ireland Fund Literary Award for his contribution to Irish literature, his work, including his novel The Truth Commissioner, frequently embraces the troubled culture in which he grew up.