Tony Hawks tests the guide books that claim to help us navigate our way around our holidays.

0101The Tea Room20000527This week, he goes in search of that very British creation - the tea room.
0102The Craic20000603He returns to Ireland in search of the craic, spends a day at the races and plunges into Dublin's nightlife.
On the west coast, people point to a tiny entry in the guides where he might just find the true meaning of the word.
0103Ghosts20000610This week, he asks whether the plethora of ghost guides can really help him find a spook.
0104The River20000617This week, he heads up the Thames armed with guides to the river, to test not only the accuracy of the books but his own suitability for the boating life.
0105Staying With Pets20000624With the help of the unique `Pets Welcome' and `Your Dog' magazine, he spends a weekend bonding with a golden retriever - including a stay at a hotel where pets share their owners' rooms.
0106 LASTParis20000701Tony Hawks checks out a guide to romantic Paris with the with the help of residents who have fallen in love there.