Comedy by Neil Warhurst about a tourist information centre in a town with no tourist attractions whatsoever.

Waft Tourist Information attempt to justify a huge donation from the Heritage Lottery Fund with a hastily erected papier-mache historical model, which turns out disastrously sexual.
Warren....Jeff Rawle
Douglas....Malcolm Tierney
Heather....Liza Sadovy
Lucy....Joannah Tincey
Bryan....Paul Barnhill
Mr Jefferson....Stephen Hogan
Ricky....Phillip Fox
George....Stephen Hogan
Roger....Piers Wehner
Becca....Emerald O'Hanrahan
Tourist Information Machine....Philip Fox
Tyler (Piggy)....Rhys Jennings
010220091013Waft Tourist Information struggle to attract visitors by promoting their most famous local resident, a local doctor who burps.
But when a genuinely famous dissolute TV comic stops off to spend a penny, they are to determined not to let him leave.
010320091027Waft Tourist Information introduces local walks for visitors, but, for a young honeymooning couple, the walks end up being both painfully boring and spectacularly dangerous.
0104 LAST20091103Waft Tourist Information resurrects an old Waft tradition, The Day of the Pie, in which the ugliest boy of the village eats a pork pie on the village green.


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